Breaking news for all Kindle Authors!

Well, I’m not sure if It’s really breaking news, but it is for me. Apparently when you add in the keywords, kindle can sometimes add you into different specialized lists which will help you by being in more than one section. The link to the pages which breaks it all down is…

I know it sounds simple, but I had never thought to use the keywords from their site to get on additional lists, but I went ahead and updated it!

Ooops, I tripped and fell into another book!

slip    When you’re writing, do you ever find yourself randomly going from one BRILLIANT idea to the next without keeping track of your place? I have found myself in quite a conundrum. I started writing one book that was a sequel (still working on it, don’t worry!), and I got distracted and wrote a completely different book.

Yes; you heard me right, I wrote a complete front to back different book. I hadn’t really meant too, but I suppose when the muse is speaking, it is really speaking! I am at a loss of what to do with the book I inadvertently wrote. I really need to be writing the sequel to my first book, but this book I just wrote could be amazing with some editing.

When I had lost my mind and decided started writing another story while working on another, I hadn’t really imagined the dilemma I would face when deciding which one to work on first. Choose the old and familiar, or the new and exciting? So, I did what any sane writer decided to do…


For at least a week. I haven’t even had my new and extremely simple, but cool laptop with me. I just couldn’t decide which one to do, so I wasted time that could have been spent editing or writing. I am incomplete without writing. Everyone notices the difference in me immediately and they think I have finally lost all my marbles. I can’t explain why either. I can’t really tell my boss the reason why I’m sighing every two seconds in bordum because I can’t decide on what story to finish. I promise you she would think I was mental. Do you ever find yourself in such a terrible position? I must not be the only one. Oh and FYI, I have yet to decide which one to work on. Yes, indecisiveness at it’s greatest.


The title of the site has changed

th (3)I changed the title of this page. Yes, the title before was nice, but I like the imagery the new tittle gives. It is not completely random just FYI. I named it after the writing that Leonardo DaVinci used on his personal inventing.

Many people thought that he used mirror writing in order to avoid persecution from the oppressive government who was interested in his inventions, and also because his methods to gather the information was usually illegal.

Think about it though, would he really spend all that time using mirror writing, but then provide very detailed drawings of the illegal acts he committed? No, that would be stupid and Leonard DaVinci was anything but stupid. He obviously wasn’t too concerned about hiding his work considering the drawings and all.

No, he did it because he was left handed and needed a way of writing without smudging the ink that was very messy back in his days. It was a move of simplicity rather than fear. So based on that, I decided to rename the blog on one of the silliest misgivings of history.

Inspiring quotes needed!

I am tired of my quote, it’s been on my page for far too long

It’s like a worn out book, it just doesn’t belong

So while my quote sat there watching, I googled new writing quotes

And on the many pages I saw, there wasn’t a quote and that was sad!

So if you know a quote that has humor

And has the tune of a rumor

A quote that is sweet as wheat

And is so fly it’s simply neat!

Leave a message in the comments section

I will leave my old quote behind for perfection!

th (1)

Okay, so I was thinking about my writing quote on my page and was listing to some old music, and I decided to make an ad for a new quote and this is what turned out! Mind you I can’t rhyme worth a dime, but it amused me, and I really do need a quote!

Kifinosi anha avasterak yeraan save? (How can I speak to you again?) And Other Foreign Made up Languages!

       language      When I decided that it was truly imperative to make a foreign language for my writing, I hadn’t thought about making an actual language in itself, but I just started making up words that suited my needs. I know that some people are brilliant enough to make a whole language by themselves, but I didn’t think it would be worth the time and effort because surely it would be insanely difficult, right?”

Apparently not so much. Well, it is insanely difficult, but doable according to several websites (is doable a real word?)…I’m not sure but spell check accepts it so we’re going with it.

How would spell check work with your own made up language? Could you teach it to figure out the word you were actually meaning to use if you constructed grammar rules and such and put it word enough times? I wouldn’t survive without spell check, even with my own made up language where it would be more difficult for anyone to notice a misspelling.

In my book, the language is gibberish. It’s unoriginal, I know. It was meant to convey the fact that the language is utterly unintelligible and is an unbreakable code because it’s so random and off the wall. Not to mention the protagonist gets a kick out of this when she realizes that the most intelligent beings ever created spoke gibberish, something humans associated with how a child would speak.

So far I have a few words, I have Sarlim, illenti, and various other commands and descriptive words. No grammar rules or anything, but perhaps the most unintelligible language ever created wouldn’t have grammar. I mainly know if I attempted grammar I would mess it up since I am TERRIBLE with grammar (as I’m sure you have noticed).

So what are the steps to creating a new language?

-First you have to name the language, if you haven’t already.

-Make up a pronunciation guide for your language. I just go with British pronunciation for everything since the characters spend all their time in Britain, but some people create a whole new way to pronounce their words.

-Create an alphabet. I had never thought of creating an alphabet, but surely this would be even more difficult for a reader to understand?

-Create a vocabulary

-Build a dictionary, something I wished I had done so for book two I didn’t have to comb through the first book trying to remember what everything meant.

-Make the grammar rules for your language

-Write sentences for your language

-Practice by yourself
and the best advice ever….

-Practice on your friends. No offence, but if someone came up to e and started speaking some random language I would probably just smile and back away slowly before taking off. I wouldn’t suggest taking this step. Maybe practice with family who know that you aren’t completely mad first.

So my question to you today is have you managed to create your own language? Or does the task of creating something so complicated just seem overly daunting? If you did create your language, how did you do it?

Saying goodbye to the night on the last day off before going back to work!

So my free promotion for Every Rose Has a Thorn is almost over so if you haven’t gotten a copy, you still have a little bit of time!

For those who aren’t aware, the book is about Emily Rose who is abducted by angels who are nothing like the holy creatures you would imagine them to be. They are dark and eerily like humans including their desire to use whatever methods that achieve their goals with very little discretion.

Emily is being fought over by the Boss and the Commander who both know she can be an excellent asset to them, but what’s Emily to do when she finds out that she doesn’t like either side?

I also am thinking about changing the cover art, so if you could tell me what you think about this cover and whether you like it better than the old one I would be forever grateful!

new cover 3

Call me a F*****g Ishmael! – Cursing at it’s most brillaint


Okay, so the above quote is from Alan Russell, author of The Fat Innkeeper, not me!

I saw this quote and had to laugh and then post it immediately. Apparently in the story the main character encounters a beached whale and is s a bit surprised by this.

This made me think about cursing in writing. I use it obviously in my works, but I had never thought that mainstream writers would use it. I’ve only read independent works and British books, which cursing is used heavily in both.

The British are a bit more discreet than most Americans and use such curse words. Some that you might not have known are bloody, blimey, chit, shite, wanker, arse, and bugger. If you are not British, then you might not even realize that they are indeed curses.

The question I have is SHOULD you use cursing in your writing? Does it actually enhance your writing at all? I have always thought I was the only one that cursed it their writing, but if even mainstream artists are doing it, then it had to be normal, right?

I think that in some cases cursing is overused, but in other cases…it is downright necessary. I don’t curse in real life, but if I came upon a beached whale, I might just possibly curse. It creates the reality of the writing. Some characters you may write, and they would never curse, and to do so would be out of character, but others would be out of character if they DIDN’T curse.

So what do you think? Do you curse in your writing, or do you keep it clean? Please let me know if I’m not the only one!

Just FYI, my book is free an amazon right now, so if you have the time give it a read and let me know what you think. Or leave a review, both work!

So How’s it Going Now?

I’ve found my way back up the flat faced cliff that I fell off of so many months ago, and have been steadily climbing my way up. Now I am proud to say I have finally been able to peek over the edge of said cliff. What I mean to say, is I am back!

Just FYI I have my book available online for free for Sunday through the link-

All reviews are welcome! I don’t make any money on the free days, but I am rich in the knowledge that others love my characters as much as I do!

So it’s update time! I have been absent for far too long. I have been busy since I have recently changed jobs and been settling into the new position, which has been time consuming to say the least.

I am working on the second on the book in the series, and as always I am going to keep you guys informed as the artist process develops. I love all feedback and will ask about your ideas on different potential ideas that I am on the fence about. The feedback I got for my last book was what really took it from decent, to perfect (in my eyes at least).

I will also be posting my usual randomness, including all the strange things you find out while writing, but the rest of the world may not quite get!

I’m excited as I have a computer again so I shall be visiting everyone’s sights and catching up! So exciting!

S. Halsnoy

Thanks to everyone who took a chance on my book!

I have to admit, when I saw how many people downloaded my book thus far I was shocked! I hope everyone who read it enjoyed it, and I thank everyone who helped me by sharing the link, and all the excellent advice from those who have been down this road before and know more than I could ever dream of learning! If you have not downloaded the book yet, it’s link is posted below and it will be availible for free until midnight 🙂

Every Rose Has a Thorn Promotion!

new wings3

Every Rose Has a Thorn Promotion!

The promotion for my book is almost over so get it while you still can! It’s free for today, and for today only! It’s a romantic story, but has plenty of action in it and some mythology, so if that’s what you like, here’s the URL