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You have that itch…don’t go to doctors go to the library!

So your sitting there at the computer with a blank word document in front of you…but the ideas arent coming out. You drum your fingers in the desk, maybe give a long suffering sigh but you have no ideas.  At moments like this I like to refer to the quote by Toni Morrison “If there’s a book that you want to read but hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” think about when your going to the library and browsing through the books, or in this day and age what you look for on kindle bookstore. I personally enjoy stories that are grounded in reality but have some level of unbelivability in them. If you go straight to the biography section then you must write the biography on the person you’ve always wanted to read one on but that hasn’t been written yet. Think about what you wish was written and you’ve got your next novel!


Oops I did it again…used the word very that is!

When you are writing you try to convey to the reader with words what they cant see physically. You may use pretty words and vibrant descriptions which most people love  because it provides mood and setting but one word is used quite often but editors HATE this word…very much! ‘Very’ can be overused and does little to further the reader’s understanding of the scene or object being described. For example compare these two sentences,

The vase was very big.
The vase was larger than a small child and stood on the floor since no stand could support its weight. nbsp;


Now you can see why editors prefer you to not use the word very. You are more descriptive when not using it, and often it is simply not nessicary. Anything that dosnt improve your writing in some fashion should just be cut out. As Mark Twain so eloquently put it, “just put damn every time you are inclined to put the word very, your editor will delete it and it will be just as it should be. “

Writers block…shoot idk what else to say!

Dont beat yourself up over what can be later fixed!

Dont beat yourself up over what can be later fixed!

Every writer will come to a point in their writing career where they can’t decide what to say next in their story. The term writers block is very appropriate, you are writing great ideas; they are just positively flowing and then you hit the dreaded brick wall and can’t seem to put one sentence down on paper. What are you supposed to do? Well one of the most important things to do is KEEP WRITING. Dont stop writing just because you have a spell of writers block, it will only compound the problem! Even if everything you are writing is complete garbage it will slowly help you get your ideas back on track. Also you can try starting back at the beginning of the project you are working on and go over it to get yourself back in the creative mode. Most importantly don’t let you be your worst enemy. Don’t get caught up in the little imperfections of your writing, or even the big imperfections. As Ernest Hemingway so brilliantly put it, “write drunk, Edit sober.”

What makes a person creative?

Have you ever wondered if your actually any good at what art takes your fancy? Mine is writing and Ive always felt that I’m a decent writer and I’ve always had top marks on all my assignments in English class where you are asked to create stories. I am such a good story teller that most people will believe the most ridiculous stories I make but does that mean anything to a reader? Will you read a book with bad writing if it has a good plot line? Twilight is a very simply written book and yet it enthralls readers. What is it that draws you in?