Oops I did it again…used the word very that is!

When you are writing you try to convey to the reader with words what they cant see physically. You may use pretty words and vibrant descriptions which most people love  because it provides mood and setting but one word is used quite often but editors HATE this word…very much! ‘Very’ can be overused and does little to further the reader’s understanding of the scene or object being described. For example compare these two sentences,

The vase was very big.
The vase was larger than a small child and stood on the floor since no stand could support its weight. nbsp;


Now you can see why editors prefer you to not use the word very. You are more descriptive when not using it, and often it is simply not nessicary. Anything that dosnt improve your writing in some fashion should just be cut out. As Mark Twain so eloquently put it, “just put damn every time you are inclined to put the word very, your editor will delete it and it will be just as it should be. “


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