Writers block…shoot idk what else to say!

Dont beat yourself up over what can be later fixed!

Dont beat yourself up over what can be later fixed!

Every writer will come to a point in their writing career where they can’t decide what to say next in their story. The term writers block is very appropriate, you are writing great ideas; they are just positively flowing and then you hit the dreaded brick wall and can’t seem to put one sentence down on paper. What are you supposed to do? Well one of the most important things to do is KEEP WRITING. Dont stop writing just because you have a spell of writers block, it will only compound the problem! Even if everything you are writing is complete garbage it will slowly help you get your ideas back on track. Also you can try starting back at the beginning of the project you are working on and go over it to get yourself back in the creative mode. Most importantly don’t let you be your worst enemy. Don’t get caught up in the little imperfections of your writing, or even the big imperfections. As Ernest Hemingway so brilliantly put it, “write drunk, Edit sober.”


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6 responses to “Writers block…shoot idk what else to say!

  • stevensalvatores

    Nice advice! I can totally be my own worst enemy. I constantly have to remember to keep on swimming…

  • jchadbou

    I wrote a good reply but WordPress lost it asking too many questions about my password. The meat of it was to get a good editor or writing coach if you want to improve your writing. It’s an academic myth that constant, long-term practice will improve writing. I have found that the same mistaken syntax and word choice is persistent.

  • Stephen Marte

    The best antidote to writer’s block is a deadline. When I worked in newspapers, usually you covered an event and had a few hours to crank out the story to meet the paper’s deadline. You don’t have time to wait for inspiration. You sit down, put your fingers on the keyboard and write. Amazing how the words flow when you have a limited amount of time to work.

    You do this enough times, it eliminates writer’s block. You can transpose this to fiction writing. Impose deadlines on yourself. Nothing hardcore like I’m going to write a novel by 5 p.m. Make it something you can accomplish. I’m going to finish the rough draft for chapter two today. I’m going to edit the prologue. Re-write the ending. You get the idea.

    I like your Hemingway quote. Here’s another one by him that I’ve placed in the email signature line where I work…

    “Where are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.” Ernest Hemingway, The Wild Years

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