laugh your worries away

When you write do you add in humour scenes? Even if its a serious book it can be taken from border line good to amazing just by adding some humor. The perfect examples of this are Iron man and Sherlock Holmes. Both deal with very serious subjects but what makes them stand out is their humor. Why do we love humor so much? Why is it so important? When you read a good book that has humor in it you often laugh out loud, an unconcious decision. This unwilling laughter may sound foolish to passerbys who see you sitting there laughing to yourself but it does wonders for your mental state releaving stress and making the reading experience enjoyable and playful. If you’ve had a stressful day you might pick up a book to relax but if that books is as tense as you are, it wont be enjoyable. Go ahead. Create tension. Then break it with some well placed humor;peanut your audience will love it!


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So I have finished my first book, Every Rose Has a Thorn, which is available on amazon for free if you have an amazon prime membership, or 2.99 otherwise. This is a book about Emily Rose who is drawn into a battle between angels that want to not only destroy the world and human race, but for some reason want her on their side when they do it! She must learn that doing what is right isn't always easy, especially when you fall in love with a very dangerous angel! View all posts by Everyrosehasathorn

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