Make money with your dirty little secret


Okay, so everyone wants to make money with their writing right? Well more people write than I think you realize, just most don’t ever try to have it published by an agency or are rejected. Sometimes these writers give up and others turn to fanfiction. Yes, fanfiction. Very few will admit to writing it because its not cool and often has dark and risqué subjects that aren’t traditionally accepted into society, but the amount of stories on the major fanfiction sites is astonishing and shows its real popularity. While some of it is subpar, a good portion of it is astonishingly good. These people aren’t writing for an agency so they are able to spread their wings and write what everyone actually wants to read but wouldn’t necessarily get in a book store. Well all you Fanfiction writers…your breakthrough may be here thanks to Amazon. They are launching a pay per fic platform that will allow you to sell your stories for money (you only get a cut of the profits) but if your good and currently making zero dollars for your brilliance if could be worth a try! Right now only a few people are coming forward to be part of this program, but as if gains popularity it will only be a matter of time till more people are in on the action…and money!


About Everyrosehasathorn

So I have finished my first book, Every Rose Has a Thorn, which is available on amazon for free if you have an amazon prime membership, or 2.99 otherwise. This is a book about Emily Rose who is drawn into a battle between angels that want to not only destroy the world and human race, but for some reason want her on their side when they do it! She must learn that doing what is right isn't always easy, especially when you fall in love with a very dangerous angel! View all posts by Everyrosehasathorn

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