To be famous, Or not to be…that is the question!


Dose the average writer today want to be famous? Do you want to be famous? If you got an offer today for six figures but you would have to do public appearance son TV shows would you take it? Fame is something that many people pursue with a burning intensity that can destroy their lives, but when was the last time you heard of an author PURPOSELY trying to become famous? Usually it is something that happens by chance and pure luck, after lots of hard work, but I can’t honestly say I’ve read an Interview where an author says they wanted to be famous and had started writing with fame in mind. A few weeks ago I had writers block…like bad! I had started writing my second draft and read over what I had wrote and incredulously enough I thought it was excellent. Amazing even, I hadn’t really expected it to be good enough for my expectations. My family suggested that I submit it to agents when it was finished but I post-poned for quite some time and my writing stopped. What was causing the writers block? Fear. Are most writers afraid of being known for something as personal and revealing as writing? I would have to think so, but I honestly can’t say, how do you feel about fame? While my friends talk about how cool it would be for me to become the next JK. Rowling, my goals are much smaller. Make a couple thousand, remain a virtual nobody and keep my values in sight. Maybe even someone saying ‘hey I like your story’ every once in a while. That’s it. What about you? How would you react to a major deal like this?


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39 responses to “To be famous, Or not to be…that is the question!

  • S.E.Bailey

    Tom Clancy got rejected 27 times, Stephen King, 22. It is tough to break the surface I will agree.

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  • Johnny Ojanpera

    I wouldn’t mind lots people enjoying what I write, but I don’t think the book tour, tv spots and huge signings would be healthy for me. I prefer my life as it is, with all of the “normal” changes. Unfortunately, I don’t think the two go together.

  • jeff markowitz

    I don’t think my books are real until they get stuck in someone else’s head. So my goal is to write stories that other people want to read. If having lots of readers were to translate into money or fame, that would be fine with me, but that’s not the goal when I’m writing. The goal is
    about getting my stories stuck inside your head.

  • The toymaker

    I was naive about this when I started my MA. But I now have done a couple of readings and I can safely say that they are horrible and wonderful at the same time. It’s great to stand there and read one of my stories but I shake. I hate crowds, but I have to be in them to promote a story… It’s a catch 22. I don’t want fame but I will do the whole job, even if I shake the whole time.

    • Everyrosehasathorn

      I am glad to know I’m not alone! I don’t mind crowds, it’s mainly the reading my work part that would scare me! I don’t know if I could do it!

      • The toymaker

        I started small – just reading out in a writing group – where everyone takes their turn. Then I went to an open mic night where you can read your story in front of about 20 like minded people. Then I was asked to help promote a story (my own) that was published in The Lampeter Review – about 50 + people… I shook at all of them but it never got worse than just shaking.

        Have a go. Take a friend and just do it. 🙂 Good luck.

      • Everyrosehasathorn

        Thanks I just might have to!

  • Kate Eileen Shannon

    I don’t want to be famous. My biggest fear is someone will actually read my writing. Seriously. I write for myself, because I want to. Maybe it is because of the whole publishing thing and the fact I am also a painter. With a painting, only one person on the planet has to like it, even if the one person is yourself sometimes, and the painting is a sucess. With a book it is different. A lot of people have to like it for it to be a success. Which means a lot of people won’t like it. The downside of success and fame and writing and publishing.
    reblogged BTW

    • Everyrosehasathorn

      Thanks for the reblog! I totally agree I see nothing appealing about being famous for writing. I wouldn’t mind being famous for acting, but I put so much of myself, my experiences and my personal thoughts and insecurities to want to be famous for it.

  • annabanana12698

    I, personally, would love to be famous. I want my writing to shape how people see the world someday. I want to give someone a hug and make their day at a book signing. I want reporters to ask me questions about world issues and publish the answers, and I want my answers to make people think. Mostly, though, I want to be rich enough to write and do whatever makes me happy. But that probably won’t happen.

    • Everyrosehasathorn

      Oh wow well you never know, if that’s what you want and you work for it, it might happen! I wouldn’t mind reporters asking me questions about public issues (who wouldn’t want to tell everyone how it should be!) but I don’t know if I’d want to talk about my book. I would love to make someone’s day though! Even just the nice comments I get on here about me making them laugh and such brighten my mood!

  • LucyJartz

    Struggling along at the beginning, loving it despite rejections, hating it although compelled, those times are like spring. Early spring is a lot like winter, muddy and inconsistent. By late spring it finally emerges as spring, but by then it’s nearly summer, sneaking up then sneaking away. Fame is probably like that too. I’ll let you know in about a decade if I meet anyone famous to ask about it.

  • nccmrm97

    Truth, who does the fear belong to?

  • helenvalentina

    I’d be happy for one or more of my works to get popularity – to be successful enough I could write for a living, or at least support myself in retirement LOL, but I wouldn’t want to be personally famous/on tv etc. I’m quite shy – the idea of being on television etc scares me. I could maybe do radio interviews, LOL..part of this is I just hate photos or videos of myself. But overall my aim isn’t to be famous, it’s to possibly make a living out of this so I can give up the day job, that’s all. 🙂

  • robsparkes2013

    My aim is not to achieve fame, but to get as close to being free as I can. Free, in this case, meaning I have all the time I want to pursue my creativity. Unfortunately that often means making some money.

  • countingducks

    In the past, almost as an act of civic duty, I have offered to become famous but no one in the media, the bowling alley or shopping mall showed the slightest interest. Now, I enjoy being anonymous, but would still love to be published and have someone slide a nice supply of pound notes under my door. I agree the personal attention would make me nervous

    • Everyrosehasathorn

      LOL. Amusing response! It’s so weird that actors insist on their names being on credits or such to put themselves out their, but writers use pen names and want the exact opposite in many cases!

  • Keigh Ahr

    Fame and money are distractions, at this point in my writing career. All I want to do now is write. Once I build a body of work that makes me proud, I’ll look into getting it out there, making it pay.

    • Everyrosehasathorn

      Oh very good idea! I’ve heard that the more works you have, the more likely it is that you will develop a big following.

      • Keigh Ahr

        I just realized that I pulled a major-league cop-out in my response. OK, I’ll confess — I have this dream of finishing this novel, showing it to a publisher (and of course I’ll only have to show it to one, because they’re going to fall in love with it instantly, right?), having it become a moderate success, then it gets turned into a movie which becomes the surprise sleeper blockbuster of the year, it wins all the best picture awards . . . and then I wake up and realize I have no idea how I’m going to write Chapter 5. How’s that for honesty?

      • Everyrosehasathorn

        Wow very honest! Lol that would be awesome if I could do it under a pen name or something, if would be like the best luck ever if you managed to get your book sold on the first try, I have yet to discover what it is in a book that an agent falls in love with, but I’m sure shear dumb luck has ALOT to do with it if excellent manuscripts get turned down all the time!

  • Judith Post

    I’ve gone to quite a few writers’ conferences, and authors want to get their names out there so that they can sell books and connect with readers. But famous like J.K. Rowling or bestsellers is a whole ‘nother thing. Super rare. That would take some getting used to, but the flip side, lots of people would be reading your work. And isn’t that part of it?

  • Kendra.Martin

    I wouldn’t mind being respected, but it’s a certain limit of popularity that I want. I don’t want to constantly have a camera in my face or having to always watch what I say or do. I’ll drive myself crazy! I hope one day that I excel at what I do and people notice that, but I still hope that I’ll be able to live a normal and free life without having to pretend to be someone I’m not to please someone else. It’ll wouldn’t be worth it then.

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