Call me maybe

Call Me Maybe - Single 1

Okay so I just got my first agent interested in my book! Even if it doesn’t work out, at least I know that it isn’t terrible and at least one person in the world likes it. I only recently started the tedious process of querying so for such a quick response I am skeptically hopeful. I know even when they ask for a partial you still have a high chance of them not liking it or not being able to find a publisher to sell it, but it definitely has made my day knowing somebody else likes it as much as I do. Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on my opening, I doubt I could have received any attention to it if I hadn’t gotten such good advice!


About Everyrosehasathorn

So I have finished my first book, Every Rose Has a Thorn, which is available on amazon for free if you have an amazon prime membership, or 2.99 otherwise. This is a book about Emily Rose who is drawn into a battle between angels that want to not only destroy the world and human race, but for some reason want her on their side when they do it! She must learn that doing what is right isn't always easy, especially when you fall in love with a very dangerous angel! View all posts by Everyrosehasathorn

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