You might not judge a book by it’s cover…but everyone else does!


When you decide to buy a book what all do you look at? You would think you would be interested in the information on the back first and foremost, but you don’t go picking up every book on the shelve do you? No you judge it by it’s cover first to see if it would be the kind of thing you’d be interested in. In paperback books you usually pay attention to the feel of the cover, if your looking for romance, you would probably grab one with a steamy good looking person on it, and if you want non-fiction, it’s usually a plain cover with the only decorations different color boxes for the title and maybe a professional picture on it. With an e-book, the rules all change. What looks compelling and beautiful in person might not translate as such in a thumbnail hardly larger than an inch big. You loose major detail so it has to be a very simple design with large lettering for the title, something that might look quite ridiculous and vain in print. All that being said, do you have to pay 500 dollars to create a cover for a self published work? Certainly not. Some of the best covers I’ve seen are created using a normal camera and photoshop. You can get creative, but keep in mind the mood of the book and the audience your trying to attract.


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23 responses to “You might not judge a book by it’s cover…but everyone else does!

  • elizabeth5713

    Very pertinent thoughts to the indie world.

  • lionaroundwriting

    Covers are very important and even more important for new novelists. A well known author could churn out a book with the most boring cover and it wouldn’t effect sales, flip it around and it definitely would.

    I like how you cover 😉 self-publishing. Because I have seen some downright horrid covers that make me want to ruin my laptop screen. They are so amateurish that they make me think the writing must be equally as bad. Even if it isn’t that’s not the point – a potential buyer has moved on to the next one.

  • cindybruchman

    Very true! I am attracted by colors and exciting looking covers. It means everything to the consumer. Thanks for following me.

  • Laura Brown

    Very true! I have admitted for years that I judge a book by its cover. I try and break out of it, but that is still the draw. That is also the perk of being an indie author, we have control over our covers. Sure, we may not have the funds, but we are creative and resourceful. I am fortunate that my husband is an artist. Unfortunately for him since I know I judge a book by its cover I’m going to be hard a customer!

    • Everyrosehasathorn

      Lol, I love to draw but I dont know if I’m cofident enough to draw a cover. I’ve been thinking about a single rose in a vase with an almost transparent pair of angel wings behind it, but I will probually do it through photo shop.

  • Helena Fairfax

    Hi, thanks so much for following my blog. i enjoyed your post on covers very much. I was lucky to have a great cover artist for my novel, The SIlk Romance. I thought you might enjoy more on cover design in this post from an award winning cover artist:,153339.0.html
    Good luck with your writing!

  • mrylyn66

    I look at the cover and I open the book. I always have to read the first sentence, then I flip through the pages to see how long the chapters are, read the back cover and then decided if I’m going to buy it. A lot of my decisions are based on chapter length and font size. It’s an entire ritual for me. I wouldn’t be caught dead with a Kindle. The whole experience of reading includes the feel of the pages and the smell of the paper. Yes, I do that!

  • plaintain1

    Never thought of that before. Not paid too much attention to the design, just the title and then check the first para of the first chapter to see if that grabs me!

  • markharwoodwriter

    There’s a website I sometimes use to make covers for all the imaginary books I’ve written, and I suppose it’d work for a real ebook, too 🙂 It’s Also, I’m a sucker for the old school pulp covers that Hardcase imitates

  • rodhart (@roderick_hart)

    By a strange coincidence I posted on this topic about the same time you did, with some overlap plus a different angle.

    I agree with what you say.

    • Everyrosehasathorn

      Oh wow that is a coincidence! We probably both surf the same pages trying to find information on covers, what’s even more ironic is I was going to post that last night when I was thinking about covers but we had some tornados last night so obviously had to post pone lol. Crazyness.

  • impossiblegirl123

    You’re totally right! Most of the time, if the cover isn’t attractive, I don’t even pick it up to read the story on the back. It is a shame though, considering that sometimes you don’t personally get to pick the cover for your book. But weirdly enough, I’ve seen books become huge hits even though (in my opinion) they don’t have a very exciting or interesting cover.

  • foolsquest

    The title is the first thing I look at. Then the cover followed by the synopsis. If it passes all those inspections, I flip it open to a random page and read a paragraph to see if it’s something I like. With so many books out there, you have to be discerning. I’ve fallen into the trap of buying crappy books that had great covers in the past. Unfortunately though, I’ve probably passed up some quality reads as well.

    • Everyrosehasathorn

      Well I think the first page really has to connect with the reader, I also will sometimes read the first page, just to see if I can get past it. Usually I get bored three sentences in so if it passes that test I’ll buy it. lol.

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