Jk Rowling’s Casual Vacancy- The review BEFORE the review


No under 18’s allowed…

Okay so I have mentioned before that I waited with baited breath for the release of JK Rowling’s Casual vacancy only to be unable to read past the first few pages. I do this with a lot of books having always struggled with a short attention span, but to have done it with Jk Rowling’s new book that I waited sooooooo long was heartbreaking. I gave the book to my employer never wanting a good book to go to waste because I couldn’t finish it, but now I am severely regretting the action and have every intention to take the book back to read. I have read online that most people can’t finish the book so they gave it bad ratings, but I found a site from someone who finished the book, and now I have no choice but to read it. By adult book, she meant ADULT book, apparently it has plenty of smut in it and by scandal she really meant scandal. I assumed that some people would get stabbed in the back or something, but no she meant like sex scandal! It has words that I wont even blog, so I’m posting a link so you can see for yourself. Now, I have never been into that kind of book, but for Jk. Rowling….author of the beloved Harry Potter books to write a murder mystery porno…now that’s something I have to see! For all the reviews I read on it, no one ever said anything about this! I will have to give a review once I retrieve it and finish it, my boss is going to be like OMG when she realizes I not only bought such a book, but gave it to her, then took it back… But I have to read this for myself!


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13 responses to “Jk Rowling’s Casual Vacancy- The review BEFORE the review

  • Van MacLellan

    It’s on my list of ‘to read’, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. I didn’t really realize it was smutty! And here I was thinking of grabbing Sorcerer’s Stone again to read this weekend.

  • nerdoutwithourwordsout

    I really wanted to read her book, being a huge Harry Potter fan. I feel like I filed the name of her book away on a list of books to read that I will most likely never get to. I should really just go the extra mile and buy the book!

    Make sure you post a review when you finish it! I am with you, I just HAVE to read a murder mystery porno by the author of the Harry Potter books…



  • SFF Madman

    Well, even though I enjoyed the Harry Potter movies, I couldn’t really get into the books. And I’ve already had an experience with one of my favorite authors starting with what I’d call a somewhat innovative urban fantasy and then changing it to erotica. Me ex says that Laurell K. Hamilton planned the story that way all along, but I still think the first ten books in the Anita Blake series were awesome and I was disappointed to see her go that route. I don’t know how some of her fans will feel, but at least she didn’t make *Harry Potter* into smut!

  • bibliobeth

    Hiya, I too haven’t read this yet but it’s coming up pretty soon on my TBR list. I’m approaching it with a mixture of feelings… my sister hated it and she’s a big Potter fan, but I’m going to try and read it with an open mind!! Will be back to check out your review once you’ve read it x

  • Emily Fellah

    I’m also a huge Harry fan and I did manage to get through the first part of ‘The Casual Vacancy’ then really got into it. I definitely wouldn’t call it erotica. For me it went from boring to incredibly gritty with loads of story threads and characters which were cleverly wound together. When the young characters came into it, I started to enjoy the book because it gave you something to care about.

  • Johnny Ojanpera

    It seems to me that when you breach the $1 billion mark, it doesn’t matter what you write. Maybe she will reveal more about herself now now that Harry is over.

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