The Casual Vacancy… A true glimpse into a lengends psyche

Highly recommend if your into dark stuff, It’s not for the faint of heart! I spent hours after I finished the book trying to decide what I thought of it truely unsure, the images of the ending stuck in my head with absolute clarity as if it had been real life. I got my baby out of his crib and brought him to bed with me and finnaly got some half awake, half asleep shut eye. I would definetly not suggest reading before bed because you simply can’t put it down and the ending is powerful enough to keep you awake. The plot is nothing like the intricate plot I expected taking a backseat to the town’s drama, but this is more of a tale from the worlds best story teller then thriller. Not all will like this book, and while she might have ‘said’ she expected universal approval, I highly suspect she wasn’t holding her breath. This was a story that touched on just about every taboo subject in the writers field, throwing out conventional restraint and telling it like the grittty story it was.

I think casual vacancy is a fitting title for this book, but what would have been a better title is SHOCK. It’s not a murder mystery, and while it has a lot of dirty words in it, it doesn’t have any in depth descriptions of sex, though it does glance over it a few times so not at all like I was expecting. It’s a gritty book that covers every immoral aspect of human life that you can imagine and paints it in a horrifying picture of how low humans can be. I always envisioned her as a happy, rich, easy-going person….but I also think good writers draw on maybe not real situations, but real emotions and fear and let me say this book is DARK. Not much is said about Jk Rowling’s childhood, but I think I’d rather not know now. I was trying to find info on her past but the only correlation to the dark subjects in her book that I could find were her fears of something happening to her daughter when she was young, a fear that is definitely embodied in her book. I think back to Harry Potter with its beautiful, fanciful imagery, but in the end it was about an abused child who had a maniac after him…not exactly bright sun shine and lilies. Some people have gone so far as to say she couldn’t have wrote Harry Potter if this is what her new book is like, but the last two books. Of the HP series got pretty dang dark, it could only go so dark being a kids novel, but casual vacancy didnt have this limitation. What was most shocking to me was that one of her character’s was a cutter…when I was into fanfiction I read a story with cutting in it and was horrified enough to not only remember the story but remember thinking what JK. Rowling would think of this, but if her new book is anything to go by I would have to say that would be the way it would have been if she didn’t have to think about parents flipping out on her. She has had a rags to riches story, but everyone seems to forget the rags part, she hasn’t always lived in a mansion in the best part of town, she was living on government funding at one point, and so it only makes sense that she would know a lot of dark people. Some of the scenes with drugs I was left shaking my head wanting to ask ‘and HOW do you know this?’. Gone are all my preconceived notions of a happy-go-lucky JK Rowling, in with the reality that she’s a literary genius who has a human and dark side like everyone else, She’s just not afraid to show it!


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14 responses to “The Casual Vacancy… A true glimpse into a lengends psyche

  • SFF Madman

    A different viewpoint on this book. I couldn’t get into Harry Potter, but I suppose I could like Casual Vacancy (as long as it isn’t too erotic, anyway).

    • Everyrosehasathorn

      It’s not too erotic, but it does talk about sex openly. It’s nothing like harry potter so I wouldn’t use that to judge weather you’ll like this book.

      • SFF Madman

        No, I wouldn’t do that. But I think I could draw conclusions based on her writing style from Harry Potter. However, since I didn’t read more than a few pages, I don’t think I can even do that fairly. I have to actually give her writing a chance before I can make that kind of judgment.

  • Carrie Rubin

    I hadn’t planned on reading this, but I may have to now. You’ve definitely intrigued me. I like darker stories. As for people thinking she couldn’t have written Harry Potter if she wrote this, I’d say that’s a sign she’s a great writer!

    Thanks for stopping by my site. I appreciate it!

    • Everyrosehasathorn

      Well her writing is very distinctive not so much in the plot, but the style and avid descriptions that are able to describe in a way that you don’t notice. If they can’t recognize her style itself then they can’t possibly know what their talking about.

  • ohheyitssam

    I totally had the same reaction! I had no idea what to expect. The first time she dropped the F-Bomb in the book I couldn’t stop laughing. I was like, oh my god, JK Rowling knows swear words! And then the teenagers in this book — they were so real and screwed up. Clearly she knows teenagers have sex and do drugs and do terrible things to get back at each other and their parents. It makes me wonder what kind of lives she would have written for Harry, Ron, and Hermione if she hadn’t already established her books as children’s lit.

    I thought the book was excellent, though. It really brought her undeniable talent at creating three-dimensional characters to a whole new level. I was a huge fan of Harry Potter growing up, and I’m so glad she’s demonstrated what she’s really capable of as an artist.

    • Everyrosehasathorn

      I carefully watch what I write to make sure it’s not too dark or graphic so it wont offend, but when your worth a billion dollars, you can write what you want and she truly did. I admire her boldness and think it can relate to anyone who has had a troubled life or isn’t living to please others, who she clearly dislikes.

  • Shannun

    I enjoyed reading your opinion of this novel. I was wondering if you take suggestions? I would like to hear your thoughts on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein?

  • 최다해 gongjumonica

    I haven’t read this for fear that it might ruin my adoration for JK. I so love Harry Potter

  • quirksmag

    I heard only good things about the book, I am so eager to read it. Soon, pretty soon!

  • carowhack

    I loved the Casual Vacancy and it was only about 4 months after the first time I read it (I’m about to finish it again for a book club reading) that I finally convinced myself it was because the story and writing were good and I wasn’t just going through Harry Potter withdrawals. I went into the book KNOWING I would like it…if you know what I mean. I wanted to like it, so I did. But afterwards I started thinking about the intricacy and subtlety to JK’s storytelling and the beautiful sentence structure she uses. She’s just an incredible writer (I know I know a lot of that is probably in the editing, but whatever). The characters are so multi-faceted and the town is just so…believable that I love this story. And it’s such a departure from the fantasy world of Harry Potter – those characters are believable too, but in a fantasy world. I really enjoyed seeing JK’s range and how she could write something so down to earth and talk about things like poverty, drug abuse and the cycle of other abuses that can cause, cutting, depression, teen angst, obesity (howard??), pride and everything that goes with that among SO many other things. Did I mention I loved this book? Ok I’ll say it again – I did. I loved it.

    • Everyrosehasathorn

      Lol I so agree with you. I could never dream of being able to create a masterpiece like what she seems to be able to create with minimal effort. The harry potter series has so many plots and subplots that’s its insiane the think it came from one mind.

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