I don’t know if…

I don’t know if God exists, but it would be better for His reputation if He didn’t.
~Jules Renard

In all my writing I can look back and see the obvious religious undertones. I am not
an overly religious person, but my childhood as a preacher’s daughter filled me
with questions that I wished I could ask God and more daydreaming about Godly
things then I care to admit in the boring hours of church going. From writing
about Angels, to my thoughts on morality I write about God every day even if I
don’t intend to. I love comics with superheroes in them and love anything
paranormal with a higher power or supernatural energy, but I can’t honestly say
that I would ever want God’s job. Having one little life in my hands is an
overwhelming and such a powerful sense of responsibility that I can feel like
I’m drowning at times with worry that I’m not good enough for my baby. Yet, God
takes the fate of all of humanities souls in his hands and dose so willingly,
without any resentment or judgment when we blatantly ignore his
instructions (which is quite often), we only have to ask for forgiveness and
it’s freely given.

I think I would rather be human than a superhuman God any day of the week!


About Everyrosehasathorn

So I have finished my first book, Every Rose Has a Thorn, which is available on amazon for free if you have an amazon prime membership, or 2.99 otherwise. This is a book about Emily Rose who is drawn into a battle between angels that want to not only destroy the world and human race, but for some reason want her on their side when they do it! She must learn that doing what is right isn't always easy, especially when you fall in love with a very dangerous angel! View all posts by Everyrosehasathorn

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