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Breaking news for all Kindle Authors!

Well, I’m not sure if It’s really breaking news, but it is for me. Apparently when you add in the keywords, kindle can sometimes add you into different specialized lists which will help you by being in more than one section. The link to the pages which breaks it all down is…

I know it sounds simple, but I had never thought to use the keywords from their site to get on additional lists, but I went ahead and updated it!


Ooops, I tripped and fell into another book!

slip    When you’re writing, do you ever find yourself randomly going from one BRILLIANT idea to the next without keeping track of your place? I have found myself in quite a conundrum. I started writing one book that was a sequel (still working on it, don’t worry!), and I got distracted and wrote a completely different book.

Yes; you heard me right, I wrote a complete front to back different book. I hadn’t really meant too, but I suppose when the muse is speaking, it is really speaking! I am at a loss of what to do with the book I inadvertently wrote. I really need to be writing the sequel to my first book, but this book I just wrote could be amazing with some editing.

When I had lost my mind and decided started writing another story while working on another, I hadn’t really imagined the dilemma I would face when deciding which one to work on first. Choose the old and familiar, or the new and exciting? So, I did what any sane writer decided to do…


For at least a week. I haven’t even had my new and extremely simple, but cool laptop with me. I just couldn’t decide which one to do, so I wasted time that could have been spent editing or writing. I am incomplete without writing. Everyone notices the difference in me immediately and they think I have finally lost all my marbles. I can’t explain why either. I can’t really tell my boss the reason why I’m sighing every two seconds in bordum because I can’t decide on what story to finish. I promise you she would think I was mental. Do you ever find yourself in such a terrible position? I must not be the only one. Oh and FYI, I have yet to decide which one to work on. Yes, indecisiveness at it’s greatest.


The title of the site has changed

th (3)I changed the title of this page. Yes, the title before was nice, but I like the imagery the new tittle gives. It is not completely random just FYI. I named it after the writing that Leonardo DaVinci used on his personal inventing.

Many people thought that he used mirror writing in order to avoid persecution from the oppressive government who was interested in his inventions, and also because his methods to gather the information was usually illegal.

Think about it though, would he really spend all that time using mirror writing, but then provide very detailed drawings of the illegal acts he committed? No, that would be stupid and Leonard DaVinci was anything but stupid. He obviously wasn’t too concerned about hiding his work considering the drawings and all.

No, he did it because he was left handed and needed a way of writing without smudging the ink that was very messy back in his days. It was a move of simplicity rather than fear. So based on that, I decided to rename the blog on one of the silliest misgivings of history.