Ooops, I tripped and fell into another book!

slip    When you’re writing, do you ever find yourself randomly going from one BRILLIANT idea to the next without keeping track of your place? I have found myself in quite a conundrum. I started writing one book that was a sequel (still working on it, don’t worry!), and I got distracted and wrote a completely different book.

Yes; you heard me right, I wrote a complete front to back different book. I hadn’t really meant too, but I suppose when the muse is speaking, it is really speaking! I am at a loss of what to do with the book I inadvertently wrote. I really need to be writing the sequel to my first book, but this book I just wrote could be amazing with some editing.

When I had lost my mind and decided started writing another story while working on another, I hadn’t really imagined the dilemma I would face when deciding which one to work on first. Choose the old and familiar, or the new and exciting? So, I did what any sane writer decided to do…


For at least a week. I haven’t even had my new and extremely simple, but cool laptop with me. I just couldn’t decide which one to do, so I wasted time that could have been spent editing or writing. I am incomplete without writing. Everyone notices the difference in me immediately and they think I have finally lost all my marbles. I can’t explain why either. I can’t really tell my boss the reason why I’m sighing every two seconds in bordum because I can’t decide on what story to finish. I promise you she would think I was mental. Do you ever find yourself in such a terrible position? I must not be the only one. Oh and FYI, I have yet to decide which one to work on. Yes, indecisiveness at it’s greatest.



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6 responses to “Ooops, I tripped and fell into another book!

  • clconolly

    I did the same thing. I had my first book published, was invited as the featured author at a book club and everyone requested a sequel. I started it, but to my dismay my creativity pulled me in another direction. I wrote and published a different book. I am currently, diligently working on the sequel to the first, but if the muse has led you astray, perhaps it was preparing you for the best sequel your imagination can stir up.
    C. L. Conolly

  • unni

    Same happens with me while writing…I call it ‘clash of plots’…its interesting

  • sjvernon

    As is always the case, you do what your brain tells you to do. I wrote a post on my own blog a while back about creativity that I think applies here. In my post I was specifically talking to people who think they are only creative through music or art, but I was pointing out that creativity takes many forms and we do ourselves a disservice if we try to force ourselves to be creative one way when we really should be creative in another.

    Specifically to your situation, though… you think you were meant to write one book but you found yourself writing a different one. You already did the first smart thing by following that instinct and creative impulse where it led you. You can always finish your other book later… but you owed it to yourself to allow the creation that you didn’t mean to create.

    Too many people stifle their creativity when it takes a form they don’t believe it should. So kudos to you for not doing that. I say continue along the path and see where it leads.

  • writingfordesire

    It may sound cliche but I’m sure it will hit you out of nowhere. Then you’ll have your decision. I’d go with new and exiting. When in doubt, jump in head first.

  • Unni

    Same thing has happened with me too! But honestly it’s a good adventure you’ll enjoy. This just shows that your creativity is all set to fly out into the world. Don’t cage it but let it fly free. Good luck with your new concept.

  • jessicalynnbooks

    I can never decide what to do first when I’m excited about multiple projects. I guess when you really think about it, It’s a pretty amazing dilemma to be stuck in!

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