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Call me a F*****g Ishmael! – Cursing at it’s most brillaint


Okay, so the above quote is from Alan Russell, author of The Fat Innkeeper, not me!

I saw this quote and had to laugh and then post it immediately. Apparently in the story the main character encounters a beached whale and is s a bit surprised by this.

This made me think about cursing in writing. I use it obviously in my works, but I had never thought that mainstream writers would use it. I’ve only read independent works and British books, which cursing is used heavily in both.

The British are a bit more discreet than most Americans and use such curse words. Some that you might not have known are bloody, blimey, chit, shite, wanker, arse, and bugger. If you are not British, then you might not even realize that they are indeed curses.

The question I have is SHOULD you use cursing in your writing? Does it actually enhance your writing at all? I have always thought I was the only one that cursed it their writing, but if even mainstream artists are doing it, then it had to be normal, right?

I think that in some cases cursing is overused, but in other cases…it is downright necessary. I don’t curse in real life, but if I came upon a beached whale, I might just possibly curse. It creates the reality of the writing. Some characters you may write, and they would never curse, and to do so would be out of character, but others would be out of character if they DIDN’T curse.

So what do you think? Do you curse in your writing, or do you keep it clean? Please let me know if I’m not the only one!

Just FYI, my book is free an amazon right now, so if you have the time give it a read and let me know what you think. Or leave a review, both work!


So How’s it Going Now?

I’ve found my way back up the flat faced cliff that I fell off of so many months ago, and have been steadily climbing my way up. Now I am proud to say I have finally been able to peek over the edge of said cliff. What I mean to say, is I am back!

Just FYI I have my book available online for free for Sunday through the link-

All reviews are welcome! I don’t make any money on the free days, but I am rich in the knowledge that others love my characters as much as I do!

So it’s update time! I have been absent for far too long. I have been busy since I have recently changed jobs and been settling into the new position, which has been time consuming to say the least.

I am working on the second on the book in the series, and as always I am going to keep you guys informed as the artist process develops. I love all feedback and will ask about your ideas on different potential ideas that I am on the fence about. The feedback I got for my last book was what really took it from decent, to perfect (in my eyes at least).

I will also be posting my usual randomness, including all the strange things you find out while writing, but the rest of the world may not quite get!

I’m excited as I have a computer again so I shall be visiting everyone’s sights and catching up! So exciting!

S. Halsnoy

Mortal Instrument’s mortal failure


To plagiarize is to loose all respect from the writing community in a whole. Sure, the people who read your work might love it, but it isn’t really even yours though, is it? My biggest fear in college was to be accused of plagiarism so I made an extra point to rewrite anything I had to use to such an extent that it was truly mine, and I of course cited sources when needed. The average turn-it in score for me was a two percent. Six is the student average, so obviously I was pretty good at this. When I heard that Mortal Instruments was actually a fan fiction novel that had been ripped off of the Harry Potter universe I was astounded and appalled. To steal someone’s quote is bad enough, but to steal their whole universe? That’s just downright wrong! So I of course had to investigate!

Apparently Cassandra used the Harry Potter universe as the stage for her books and even called it the Draco trilogy when it was on fan fiction. She changed names and the location of the books, but didn’t change much else, it is still obvious to anyone who knows anything about the Harry Potter world that she used Draco and Ginny as the main characters and even kept the concepts of the three horacruxes (renamed of course).

I mulled this information over and realized it wasn’t the fact that she plagiarized that upset me. It has long been a tradition for people to write ‘fan fiction’, creating stories based on the works of others and trying endlessly to improve upon each others work. My favorite story, Romeo and Juliet was indeed a work of fan fiction, based on a centuries long story that has been a significant part of culture perhaps since culture began. I myself love the idea of fan fiction and thinks it encourages the mind to be creative while providing it a safe diving board. What bothered me was that she made money off of this book without consulting JK. Rowling. Even if she had profited from it and not shared a dime with JK. Rowling I wouldn’t mind, if she had only asked permission. I highly doubt J.K. Rowling would have said no considering she loves encouraging writers to write whatever it is that inspires them and she even will read Harry Potter fan fiction herself sometimes.

Mortal Instruments mortal failure is a simple one that could have been avoided if she had just said please!

Pretending Like you know someting *DOES NOT* mean you actually know it…You might just be insane

I wish I knew a foreign language. After three years of French one, I still do not have the slightest handle on the French language, and can’t interpret more then Je ne se pas (I don’t know). And yet…I find myself reading posts in different languages as if I know what they mean, and even watching film festival movies and laughing along with them as if I could possibly know what they are talking about. My family of course gives me strange looks, but I blame it on being artistic. It’s not so much the words that matter to me, you can tell someone’s mood and meaning without any words at all, words simply make it easier. Apparently in Die Hard Hans Gruber’s German lines were often grammatically incorrect and he several times just made up stuff when he couldn’t remember how to pronounce things, so he obviously isn’t too great with languages either. I’ve always admired Alan Rickman’s artistic abilities, therefore I consider myself not weird and slightly insane, but simply a very artistic person. I might not know a foreign language, but I do an amazing job at pretending like I do!

Reviews for self-written works

Okay so I’m editing my book still smoothing out details and adding more scenes, but my brain is kind of going numb so if anyone needs thoughts on anything they’ve written just let me know. I am by no means a professional but it can never hurt having a fresh set of eyes look over something you’ve been slaving over! I’m working on reviewing Frankenstein right now, but once I’m done I want to read some stuff by new authors.

The Casual Vacancy… A true glimpse into a lengends psyche

Highly recommend if your into dark stuff, It’s not for the faint of heart! I spent hours after I finished the book trying to decide what I thought of it truely unsure, the images of the ending stuck in my head with absolute clarity as if it had been real life. I got my baby out of his crib and brought him to bed with me and finnaly got some half awake, half asleep shut eye. I would definetly not suggest reading before bed because you simply can’t put it down and the ending is powerful enough to keep you awake. The plot is nothing like the intricate plot I expected taking a backseat to the town’s drama, but this is more of a tale from the worlds best story teller then thriller. Not all will like this book, and while she might have ‘said’ she expected universal approval, I highly suspect she wasn’t holding her breath. This was a story that touched on just about every taboo subject in the writers field, throwing out conventional restraint and telling it like the grittty story it was.

I think casual vacancy is a fitting title for this book, but what would have been a better title is SHOCK. It’s not a murder mystery, and while it has a lot of dirty words in it, it doesn’t have any in depth descriptions of sex, though it does glance over it a few times so not at all like I was expecting. It’s a gritty book that covers every immoral aspect of human life that you can imagine and paints it in a horrifying picture of how low humans can be. I always envisioned her as a happy, rich, easy-going person….but I also think good writers draw on maybe not real situations, but real emotions and fear and let me say this book is DARK. Not much is said about Jk Rowling’s childhood, but I think I’d rather not know now. I was trying to find info on her past but the only correlation to the dark subjects in her book that I could find were her fears of something happening to her daughter when she was young, a fear that is definitely embodied in her book. I think back to Harry Potter with its beautiful, fanciful imagery, but in the end it was about an abused child who had a maniac after him…not exactly bright sun shine and lilies. Some people have gone so far as to say she couldn’t have wrote Harry Potter if this is what her new book is like, but the last two books. Of the HP series got pretty dang dark, it could only go so dark being a kids novel, but casual vacancy didnt have this limitation. What was most shocking to me was that one of her character’s was a cutter…when I was into fanfiction I read a story with cutting in it and was horrified enough to not only remember the story but remember thinking what JK. Rowling would think of this, but if her new book is anything to go by I would have to say that would be the way it would have been if she didn’t have to think about parents flipping out on her. She has had a rags to riches story, but everyone seems to forget the rags part, she hasn’t always lived in a mansion in the best part of town, she was living on government funding at one point, and so it only makes sense that she would know a lot of dark people. Some of the scenes with drugs I was left shaking my head wanting to ask ‘and HOW do you know this?’. Gone are all my preconceived notions of a happy-go-lucky JK Rowling, in with the reality that she’s a literary genius who has a human and dark side like everyone else, She’s just not afraid to show it!