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Kifinosi anha avasterak yeraan save? (How can I speak to you again?) And Other Foreign Made up Languages!

       language      When I decided that it was truly imperative to make a foreign language for my writing, I hadn’t thought about making an actual language in itself, but I just started making up words that suited my needs. I know that some people are brilliant enough to make a whole language by themselves, but I didn’t think it would be worth the time and effort because surely it would be insanely difficult, right?”

Apparently not so much. Well, it is insanely difficult, but doable according to several websites (is doable a real word?)…I’m not sure but spell check accepts it so we’re going with it.

How would spell check work with your own made up language? Could you teach it to figure out the word you were actually meaning to use if you constructed grammar rules and such and put it word enough times? I wouldn’t survive without spell check, even with my own made up language where it would be more difficult for anyone to notice a misspelling.

In my book, the language is gibberish. It’s unoriginal, I know. It was meant to convey the fact that the language is utterly unintelligible and is an unbreakable code because it’s so random and off the wall. Not to mention the protagonist gets a kick out of this when she realizes that the most intelligent beings ever created spoke gibberish, something humans associated with how a child would speak.

So far I have a few words, I have Sarlim, illenti, and various other commands and descriptive words. No grammar rules or anything, but perhaps the most unintelligible language ever created wouldn’t have grammar. I mainly know if I attempted grammar I would mess it up since I am TERRIBLE with grammar (as I’m sure you have noticed).

So what are the steps to creating a new language?

-First you have to name the language, if you haven’t already.

-Make up a pronunciation guide for your language. I just go with British pronunciation for everything since the characters spend all their time in Britain, but some people create a whole new way to pronounce their words.

-Create an alphabet. I had never thought of creating an alphabet, but surely this would be even more difficult for a reader to understand?

-Create a vocabulary

-Build a dictionary, something I wished I had done so for book two I didn’t have to comb through the first book trying to remember what everything meant.

-Make the grammar rules for your language

-Write sentences for your language

-Practice by yourself
and the best advice ever….

-Practice on your friends. No offence, but if someone came up to e and started speaking some random language I would probably just smile and back away slowly before taking off. I wouldn’t suggest taking this step. Maybe practice with family who know that you aren’t completely mad first.

So my question to you today is have you managed to create your own language? Or does the task of creating something so complicated just seem overly daunting? If you did create your language, how did you do it?