So How’s it Going Now?

I’ve found my way back up the flat faced cliff that I fell off of so many months ago, and have been steadily climbing my way up. Now I am proud to say I have finally been able to peek over the edge of said cliff. What I mean to say, is I am back!

Just FYI I have my book available online for free for Sunday through the link-

All reviews are welcome! I don’t make any money on the free days, but I am rich in the knowledge that others love my characters as much as I do!

So it’s update time! I have been absent for far too long. I have been busy since I have recently changed jobs and been settling into the new position, which has been time consuming to say the least.

I am working on the second on the book in the series, and as always I am going to keep you guys informed as the artist process develops. I love all feedback and will ask about your ideas on different potential ideas that I am on the fence about. The feedback I got for my last book was what really took it from decent, to perfect (in my eyes at least).

I will also be posting my usual randomness, including all the strange things you find out while writing, but the rest of the world may not quite get!

I’m excited as I have a computer again so I shall be visiting everyone’s sights and catching up! So exciting!

S. Halsnoy


Thanks to everyone who took a chance on my book!

I have to admit, when I saw how many people downloaded my book thus far I was shocked! I hope everyone who read it enjoyed it, and I thank everyone who helped me by sharing the link, and all the excellent advice from those who have been down this road before and know more than I could ever dream of learning! If you have not downloaded the book yet, it’s link is posted below and it will be availible for free until midnight 🙂

Every Rose Has a Thorn Promotion!

new wings3

Every Rose Has a Thorn Promotion!

The promotion for my book is almost over so get it while you still can! It’s free for today, and for today only! It’s a romantic story, but has plenty of action in it and some mythology, so if that’s what you like, here’s the URL

I don’t know if…

I don’t know if God exists, but it would be better for His reputation if He didn’t.
~Jules Renard

In all my writing I can look back and see the obvious religious undertones. I am not
an overly religious person, but my childhood as a preacher’s daughter filled me
with questions that I wished I could ask God and more daydreaming about Godly
things then I care to admit in the boring hours of church going. From writing
about Angels, to my thoughts on morality I write about God every day even if I
don’t intend to. I love comics with superheroes in them and love anything
paranormal with a higher power or supernatural energy, but I can’t honestly say
that I would ever want God’s job. Having one little life in my hands is an
overwhelming and such a powerful sense of responsibility that I can feel like
I’m drowning at times with worry that I’m not good enough for my baby. Yet, God
takes the fate of all of humanities souls in his hands and dose so willingly,
without any resentment or judgment when we blatantly ignore his
instructions (which is quite often), we only have to ask for forgiveness and
it’s freely given.

I think I would rather be human than a superhuman God any day of the week!

Mortal Instrument’s mortal failure


To plagiarize is to loose all respect from the writing community in a whole. Sure, the people who read your work might love it, but it isn’t really even yours though, is it? My biggest fear in college was to be accused of plagiarism so I made an extra point to rewrite anything I had to use to such an extent that it was truly mine, and I of course cited sources when needed. The average turn-it in score for me was a two percent. Six is the student average, so obviously I was pretty good at this. When I heard that Mortal Instruments was actually a fan fiction novel that had been ripped off of the Harry Potter universe I was astounded and appalled. To steal someone’s quote is bad enough, but to steal their whole universe? That’s just downright wrong! So I of course had to investigate!

Apparently Cassandra used the Harry Potter universe as the stage for her books and even called it the Draco trilogy when it was on fan fiction. She changed names and the location of the books, but didn’t change much else, it is still obvious to anyone who knows anything about the Harry Potter world that she used Draco and Ginny as the main characters and even kept the concepts of the three horacruxes (renamed of course).

I mulled this information over and realized it wasn’t the fact that she plagiarized that upset me. It has long been a tradition for people to write ‘fan fiction’, creating stories based on the works of others and trying endlessly to improve upon each others work. My favorite story, Romeo and Juliet was indeed a work of fan fiction, based on a centuries long story that has been a significant part of culture perhaps since culture began. I myself love the idea of fan fiction and thinks it encourages the mind to be creative while providing it a safe diving board. What bothered me was that she made money off of this book without consulting JK. Rowling. Even if she had profited from it and not shared a dime with JK. Rowling I wouldn’t mind, if she had only asked permission. I highly doubt J.K. Rowling would have said no considering she loves encouraging writers to write whatever it is that inspires them and she even will read Harry Potter fan fiction herself sometimes.

Mortal Instruments mortal failure is a simple one that could have been avoided if she had just said please!

Hurry up and wait!

So I have successfully managed to finish my book and get it uploaded to Kindle! I’m waiting for it to be approved so it’s a waiting game now. I have been waiting for it to be done for so long now that you would think one more day wont hurt anything, but now that I can see the finish line, the waiting is excruciating! Pulling teeth would be more pleasurable then waiting for your book to be published honestly. It will all be worth it though when I see it online and get the satisfaction that I did it all by myself (minus all the help I had :)) Thank you to everyone who helped and gave me all the amazing advice that helped turned my book from a random mess to the thrilling story it has become! When it’s available I will let everyone know so you can read the whole story and give me your thoughts!

The backstory that nobody wants to hear.

Okay, so I admit I haven’t been posting enough. I feel utterly guilty, I haven’t worked in weeks…yet I have been barely posting. It’s only fair I give you the backstory to my absence, I can’t say it’s as fascinating as the one I would have imagined for myself, but it’s better than nothing. I have been absent on account of not being physically busy, but rather mentally busy. I know, lame excuse right? I have been off my OCD meds and have been so obsessive about editing my book and thinking about my new job that my mind has simply been too full to think of insightful or entertaining little thoughts.
So I apologize to all my faithful readers and will post something soon that is more entertaining then my backstory about my absence!