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Breaking news for all Kindle Authors!

Well, I’m not sure if It’s really breaking news, but it is for me. Apparently when you add in the keywords, kindle can sometimes add you into different specialized lists which will help you by being in more than one section. The link to the pages which breaks it all down is…

I know it sounds simple, but I had never thought to use the keywords from their site to get on additional lists, but I went ahead and updated it!


Thanks to everyone who took a chance on my book!

I have to admit, when I saw how many people downloaded my book thus far I was shocked! I hope everyone who read it enjoyed it, and I thank everyone who helped me by sharing the link, and all the excellent advice from those who have been down this road before and know more than I could ever dream of learning! If you have not downloaded the book yet, it’s link is posted below and it will be availible for free until midnight 🙂