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Breaking news for all Kindle Authors!

Well, I’m not sure if It’s really breaking news, but it is for me. Apparently when you add in the keywords, kindle can sometimes add you into different specialized lists which will help you by being in more than one section. The link to the pages which breaks it all down is…

I know it sounds simple, but I had never thought to use the keywords from their site to get on additional lists, but I went ahead and updated it!


Thanks to everyone who took a chance on my book!

I have to admit, when I saw how many people downloaded my book thus far I was shocked! I hope everyone who read it enjoyed it, and I thank everyone who helped me by sharing the link, and all the excellent advice from those who have been down this road before and know more than I could ever dream of learning! If you have not downloaded the book yet, it’s link is posted below and it will be availible for free until midnight 🙂

Another little excerpt from every rose has a thorn

Okay so Emma has come down stairs and finds that everyone has been bound with invisible bindings and finds James, her fathers competition waiting for her. She is forced into the room with a knife but James isn’t about to let her go.

“Playing dirty is an understatement Mr. Russo, this is going to be all over the news tomorrow and your career will be over.” My father spat at my kidnapper vehminously. James gave my father a condescending smile in return thoroughly enjoying himself. I could have slapped the jerk for his cockiness but considering he had a knife to my throat, I had no choice but to control my anger issues I had suddenly developed upon being kidnapped.
“Ah yes I forgot you are the moral compass of society now…at least that’s what you want everyone to think isn’t it?” James drawled out smirking at my father.
“We both know better don’t we Robert?” My dad fought against his restraints much to James’s twisted amusement.
“You see Robert, the only difference between you and me is I do all my dirty work myself, I don’t call my murders an accident like you.
“You can’t prove anything James.” My father’s pale face had a blush of red starting to become consumed by anger and embarrassment. He had never been able to control himself as well as I have. It’s one of the many reasons I did most of his campaigning for him, if left to his own devices it would be disastrous.
“Are you sure? Because I know for a fact that you alone are responsible for the Chetz uprising where over a hundred students were killed.” I was finding it hard to breathe now and stared unbelievingly at my betrayal of a father.
“Isn’t that the uprising where your daughter’s longtime boyfriend was killed?” James let this revelation sink into the room creating a dramatic pause only too pleased with himself.
“What a…strange coincidence…You never liked him though did you?” The color in my father’s face disappeared and he was the perfect picture of shock. No one was supposed ot have known that apparently. His deceitful eyes caught mine and I wiped away the tears remembering my father’s complete lack of sympathy about the whole situation, it only made too much sense.
“Emma please, I knew nothing.” The knife on my throat disappeared but I took a step away from my father. The room was alight with everyone talking at once buzzed at the news of the atrocity but I couldn’t focus on them and their chatter sounded like it was getting farther away.
“Breathe.” The soft command was whispered in my ear and I took a deep breath realizing that I had indeed stopped breathing. How very sweet, kidnap me and show me how little my family cares about me THEN be nice. Oh yea so classy.
“It’s not true! He’s manipulating you!” My father yelled at a large burly man kneeling not far from me who had been interrogating him loudly almost as if speaking for the audience.
“The Chetz never really had a reason for attacking, and your daughter’s boyfriend just happens to die there? I’m not buying it and I don’t think anyone else here is either.”
James smirked at my father and wrapped his arm tighter around me when I tried to push away after a moment. He held up the hand that wasn’t around me commanding the rooms attention instantly silencing everyone.
“Kidnapping innocent politicians isn’t the brightest move politically but before you vote for him to unite the world, I just felt it was my duty to inform everyone what kind of person Mr. Roberts is. I may not always claim to use orthodox methods, but I also will never deceive you.” James told the crowd confidently seeming to gain their trust as least partially.
“You have no proof to go around accusing innocent people of such crimes, and then to act as if you are better than me when you’re holding me hostage…it’s insanity.” My father complained loudly sensing the shift in the room. Everyone turned to James to see his response as being called a liar. In front of everyone he rolled his eyes at my father lazily.
“Actually I do have proof, maybe if you checked your room for bugs every so often you wouldn’t admit your horrendous crimes to your enemy.” I shivered at the creepy thought of James watching my every move for who knows how long. I was only too happy when he let go of me entirely.

“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” ― Toni Morrison

My book is, I admit, unorthodox. It covers dark subjects that most people wont touch and turns this into a strange laugh out loud humor that most people seem to enjoy, but few agents seem willing to touch. I have read several stories on here that would have little commercial interest but they are amazing just because of their uniqueness! I am bored of the same books that feel like they are all using a fill in the blank method for writing, just changing characters names and a few minor details but all, essentially, the same thing. If no-one else will write it, you may just have to write it yourself! What’s the craziest ideas you’ve had for a book and did you actually write the book? Sell it?